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You can advertise on our website to gain more traffic and maximum exposure to players around the world. We have a combination of services available from premium listing, spots and social media.

Our mission and approach is to be transparent and fair with our advertise service, which is why we decided to provide the analytics below. Most websites will promise you hundreds and millions of hits, but those are just promises and not realistic.

We decided to share some of our statistics publicly, from a credible source and without altering any of the data. Upon request we can also share any reports needed from our Google Analytics account.

The below statistics are pulled from our Google Analytics account and they are untouched. Information is updated daily.

The map below shows real pageviews for the last 30 days

Top 15 Countries


Available Ad spots

Below you can see which spots are available on the entire website (on mobile, you can scroll the table horizontally):

Global Top (800x100)
The highest exposure possible, visible across all the website on every page. This is the best spot possible for advertising on our website. Order
Homepage Top (1200x150)
High exposure, showcasing your game on the main landing page of the website. Very good for a first impression for any visitor landing on the homepage. Order
Vote Page Bottom (1200x150)
Very high exposure, showcasing your game to every player each time they vote. This is per game basis and not globally for all games. Order
Games List Page Top (1200x150)
High exposure, showcasing your game on our list for every user searching for a game. Get found without even the need of searching! Order
Game Cat. Page Top (1200x150)
High exposure, showcasing your game on its specific category for every user searching for that game. Get found without even the need of searching! Order

More spots are being added, so do check this page more often for updates.

Social Media

Advertising on social media is one of the best ways to populate your game. But social media advertising can be very expensive and even lead to failed advertising if not done right.

We have years of social media advertising, campaigns, and more behind our skillset; and on top of this we have a huge user base gathered.

Get in touch with us to discuss your budget and your requirements, and we guarantee return on investment and results.

We can issue invoices if needed for registered businesses, just mention this when you contact us.

Note: We do not sell votes, and we do not allow any illegal advertising of any sort.