Aqua Ragnarok Online 255 120 High Rate Pre-Renewal

Trò chơi: Ragnarok Online

Xếp hạng trên toàn thế giới: #6 | Ragnarok Online Cấp: #1 | Quốc gia: Singapore | Bỏ phiếu | Truy cập trang web

Trong khoảng

Aqua Ragnarok is a Semi Farm PVP server. High Rate 255 120 with tons of original contents. Singapore Based with Gepard 3.0 protection. AHK allowed 9pm WOE. Welcome everyone for joining. Watch our Youtube Trailers for sneak peak and for more information, pls join our discord.

Aqua Ragnarok Online is a new server, Started 1st of February 2021. Our server are renewal content but with pre-re calculation. We have total 3 Town with different quest available. Server offer many ways for players to acquire unique donation equipment and rewards from quests, such as Quest Shop and hunting Missions NPC. don't waste time, join and you will have maximum fun with your friends. Player Commands: commands rates exp iteminfo go autoloot alootid time uptime showexp whereis whodrops mobinfo pethungry friendly feelreset hatredreset. any many more

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