Mu Instinto Online Season 6 Episode 3

Partita: MU Online

Classifica globale: #4 | MU Online Classifica: #3 | Nazione: Venezuela | Vota | Visita sito web


Version: Season 6 - Experience: 500x - 300x - Item Drop: 40 - Maximum Statistics: 65,000 - Reset: 390 - Points for Reset: No - Delete Points: No - Grand Reset: 200 - Master Level: 400 - Master Exp: 10x - 2 year online

Latin American Server since 2018. We are a dedicated server with frequent updates and always improving. We like our work and that is why we are serving our users every day to guarantee an entertaining game while they are part of our community. We hope to be a server with many years of experience with honest work.

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