Server is season 12 xp 1000 drop 80

Game: MU Online

Global Rank: #21 | MU Online Rank: #18 | Country: Afghanistan | Vote | Visit Website


Sever is season 12 xp:1000 drop:50% server is online 24/7 come to play no keep stats event all they active gm.Server have support and have license for files .Come to play in this server create good for player

HD Resolution Support Auto Reconnect System Glow System shinny your items in own colours Custom Items System add own items up to 512 per group Possible Item Combinations Ancient, Excellent Ancient, Excellent, Socket with up to 5 Spheres Support, JoH Items, 380 Items, Harmony Items System up to +13 Support of high attack speed for all Skills and Classes (no speed bug) Multi Language Support: Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Russian, Vietnam and more (included translations: English, Portuguese, Spanish)

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