Sentinel MU Season 6 Episode 3

Game: MU Online

Global Rank: #18 | MU Online Rank: #13 | Country: Philippines | Vote | Visit Website


We are inviting you to check our Play to Win server!Come & Join us! We are hoping to see you ingame!When Creating New Accounts or Character AUTOMATIC FULL STATS!Yes, All you need to do after you create your character is to START GRINDING!

All Items can be Earned By Farming! *Server Version: Season 6 Episode 3 *Server Experience: 5000x *ML Experience : 9999x *Max Master Level: 400 *Game Play: PvP and Hunt *Maximum Resets: Unlimited *10 WcoinC per resets until 210 resets effective only. *Grand Reset: 100 resets *1 Grand Reset = 1 WCoinPoints (used to buy Donated Gear in X Shop) *Anti Cheat Protected *Item drop: 50% *Points per level: 9/10 *Monster Spot : On *Server 1 ARENA Spots 1x level per mobs. Pk on. *Same Spot Reset ON: (Avail VIP through WccoinC) (Press END KEY in your Keyboard) *VIP GOLD Privilege: Can go to Server 3 NON PK + 2x level per mobs. *WccoinC Huntable in all Invasions and Custom Events! *Auto reset & Auto add Stats command On. *2-3 minutes reset. *OVH: Singapore *Custom Jewels: ON *Max Socket/Level : 5 *MU HELPER ON + Inventory *NO DONATION SET! ==FREEBIES *For Newbies! Freebies Tier3 Dark Angel Gear with Wing/ACC/Weapon/Shield ALL+15 Full Option ( 30days Duration) to Claim go to x Shop. *Castle Siege (Sunday 7pm-8pm Ph Time)

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