OldEvilSro Cap130 CH EU D14 New Skills New Uniques

Game: Silkroad Online

Global Rank: #79 | Silkroad Online Rank: #3 | Country: Egypt | Vote | Visit Website


OldEvilSroIt is a Silkroad Private Server that has a lot of fun things.Server info:Race: CH/EUMastery: 390/260Degree: D14Available FTW: Jangan & Bandit & Hotan & CostantableRates:Exp/SP: x10Party Exp/SP: x15Gold: x15Drop: x10

OldEvilSro It is a Silkroad Private Server that has a lot of fun things. Server Info... Server Type: PVE/PVP Race: European & Chinese Mastery Cap: 390 Chinese & 260 European Degree: D14 Level Cap: 130 Mastery Level: 130 IP Limit: Open Start Level 1 with 1 Milion Skill Points Start Items: 1x EXP Helper 100% 1x EXP Helper 60% 20x Instant Return Scrolls 10x Moving Speed 100% 5x Ressurection 60% Scrolls 1 Devils B 5%(M&F) 1 Korean Avatar (M&F) Nova D11: Drop From Mobs Nova D12: Drop From Jupiter Uniques Sun D13: Awaken System Sun D14: Forgotten World Available Fortress War: Jangan & Bandit & Hotan & Constantinople Char inventory: 1 Page Can Open 2 Page Again Pet inventory: 1 Page Exchange Gold Limit: 1 Billion Stall Gold Limit: 500 Billion Stall Network Limit: 500 Billion New Skills New Uniques Fair gameplay Long Term Server Website Protection: Yes Backup Dedicated: Yes Server Location: Germany Advanced Elixirs: Available Server Slots:1000 DDOS Protection: Yes Happy Event & Jewel Box Event are running right now so hurry to get your reword. Rates... Exp/SP: x10 Party Exp/SP: x15 Gold: x15 Drop: x10 Job rate: x5 Server Alchemy: Can Make ++ from D1 To D14 With Normal Elixir. Server Alchemy Rate +1 100% +2 100% +3 100% +4 100% +5 70% +6 50% +7 50% +8 30% +9 30% +10 10% +11 10% +12 10% +13 10% Max Plus: +13 with Advanced Elixir. Attention: First Character gets Lv 110 will take a 200 Silk Gift. First 100 Characters get Lv 110 will take a 100 Silk Gift. First 80 Characters get Lv 120 will take a 150 Silk Gift. First 50 Characters get Lv 125 will take a 200 Silk Gift. First 30 Characters get Lv 130 will take a 300 Silk Gift. Website: www.oldevilsro.cf

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