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Game: MU Online

Global Rank: #71 | MU Online Rank: #54 | Country: Afghanistan | Vote | Visit Website


Extramu Exp: Exp: 9999x Drop: 70%Version: Season 6 Episode 16Points per level: 25Maximal stats: 65500Maximal connections per IP: 3Reset:From - 400lvlIn website / in game /reset commandStats: staySpells: stayItems: stay Grand Reset: Require: 70 resetsIn website

Exp: 9999x Drop: 70% Version: Season 6 Episode 16 Points per level: 25 Maximal stats: 65500 Maximal connections per IP: 3 Reset: From - 400lvl In website / in game /reset command Stats: stay Spells: stay Items: stay Grand Reset: Require: 70 resets In website Stats: stay Items: stay Spells: stay Reward: 20000 credits Commands: /s - add strength /a - add agility /v - add vitality /e - add energy /c - add command /evo - Evolve to next class /zen 200000000000 - set own zen to maximal /reset (auto) - /post - POST in global chat /re (on / off / auto) - Show/Hide requests or auto-accept party requests. /attack - Start auto attack /offattack - Start offattack Earn ruuds via making reset with NPC Events: Custom events with special drop Shops: Excelent sets ,wings,orbs Freebies : 500 stats bonus. Player can vote in several links to gain credits. Vote can every 12 hours. 1. Create account (MUST HAVE) 2. Vote for server on all links on Vote Reward (ONLY REAL VOTES) (MUST HAVE) 3. Like and share our fb page (MUST HAVE)

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