Caster Online Cap110 New Darkness Master and Water Mastery

Game: Silkroad Online

Global Rank: #66 | Silkroad Online Rank: #1 | Country: Germany | Vote | Visit Website


Caster OnlineCap 110 New Mastery: Water and DarknessRace: EU & CHAuto-Equip System: EnabledExp: MediumDrop: MediumGold: MediumMax Plus: +10IP-Limit: 4PC-Limit: 4Job-Limit: 1Battle Arena-Limit: 1 CTF-Limit: 1Guild Member Limit: 24Egypt Item: Coins.Fortress War: Janga

We opted to make this game the best server in Chinese race development as the best server with the best Chinese and Euro Balance you will see. As we see many Unbalanced Skills in the Current Version, we decide to remake all of them in Terms of Graphics and Internal values. come and Enjoy the news Mastery Water and Darkness.

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